Editorial illustration, collage.
Published online by The Baffler on March 15, 2021 —Mass Hipgnosis by Rich Woodall




Editorial illustration, collage. 
Published online by The Baffler on November 17, 2020— The Oregon Model by Zachary Siegel

Platters 7"

The Platters - The Great Pretender b/w Only You (1958, Mercury Records). One-of-a-kind 7” sleeve created with 70 pieces of cut paper and a laser printer. 

Set in Goliath on the front, with Alte Haas Grotesk on the back. I used a bit more of an illustrative approach than I normally would for this one, but I wanted to try something new for one of my all time favorite songs. The moons are sourced from a vintage farmer almanac and I felt that their faces mirrored the song’s lyrics.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin - Trouble in Mind b/w God Bless that Child (1962, Columbia) One-of-a-Kind 7” Sleeve, cut card-stock processed through a laser printer.  

Set in ITC Pioneer and Alte Haas Grotesk. Partially inspired by one of my all-time favorite sleeves, Thee Oh Sees Carrion Crawler / The Dream by Elzo, this cover in an interpretation of the songs lyrics “I’ve got trouble in mind, yes I’m blue, but I won’t be blue always."

Prince 7"

Prince and the Revolution - “Kiss” b/w “♥ or $” (1986, Paisley Park). One-of-kind 7” sleeve made with cut black, white, and neon purple car stock and the help of my trusty laser printer. 

This sleeve is set in Impact with a little Helvetica on the back for good measure. The image is sourced from Parade/Under the Cherry Moon era promo shots.

Chuck Berry Sleeve

Chuck Berry - No Particular Place To Go b/w You Two (1964, Chess Records). One-of-a-kind sleeve for coverless 7” record from my collection. Created with a laser printer and cut card-stock.

This sleeve design is inspired by the classic covers Alvin Lustig designed for New Directions Press in the 1940s. Set in Futura with extra thickness added for the mid-century touch.

Louie Louie Sleeve

The Kingsmen - Louie Louie b/w Haunted Castle (1963, Wand Records).One-of-a-Kind 7” Sleeve, cut card-stock through a laser printer.

Set in Eames Century, Solaris, and Helvetica. A very recognizable tune coupled with a very unreadable sleeve. This design started with the warped sunburst I created and I experimented with different ways to integrate the typography.

Hunk of Junk

Hunk of Junk, September 2020, screen print, 22" x 30" inches, printed on 92 lb. French rag paper. Edition of 8.
Interested in purchasing? Contact me.


Rocks (Periwinkle)

Rocks (Periwinkle), September 2020, three-color screen print, 22" x 30", printed on 92 lb. French rag paper. Edition of 2.

Big Money (For Dos Passos)

The Big Money (For Dos Passos), two-color screen print, 13" x 19" inches,. printed on 92 lb. French rag paper. Edition of 4.
Available for purchase at Pullproof Studio.

Op Art Study No. 1

Top: Halloween Op-Art Study, August 2020, two-color screen print, 13" x 19" inches, printed on 92 lb. French rag paper. Edition of 2.
Bottom: Fourth of July Op-Art Study, August 2020, two-color screen print, 13" x 19" inches, printed on 92 lb. French rag paper. Edition of 6.

Reconstructype Zines


Reconstructype is a series of glyphs created by collaging elements of letterforms found in vintage ads. Most of the characters were created from the sans-serif typeface Horatio Bold while a handful were created with a serif typeface.

First series created in July 2019.
Second series (serif) created in December 2019.
Zine published July 2020, edition of 20 (4 yellow card, 16 white paper)

Winter 19 Exhibitions

Exhibition invitation with VIP vellum for the winter 2019 exhibitions at the Tucson Museum of Art: Carlos Estévez: Entelechy and Blue Tears: Patricia Carr Morgan.

Carlos Est
évez: Entelechy exhibition invitation. Winter 2019.

Blue Tears: Patricia Carr Morgan exhibition invitation. Winter 2019.

Museum floor plan map

Tucson Museum of Art gallery floor plan and campus map.
Designed in Summer 2017, implemented fall of that year. 
Updated every 6 months with new exhibitions and information.

Cruel Optimism

Typography, branding, and promotional images for Cruel Optimism
a one night only painting exhibition in Los Angeles, CA. Curated by Adrienne Sacks.

Southwest Rising Invite

Invitation for the exhibition, Southwest Rising: Contemporary Art and the Legacy of Elaine Horwitch. Designed December 2019. Artwork by Joe Baker.

Monthly Mailers

Printed newsletter. This was the kick-off in a series of monthly mailings. 
Template and mailer designed August 2019.

FETE 2019

Invitation and branding for Fashion Fête fundraiser 2019. Photography by Puspa Lohmeyer.

Gasol Single

Digital album art for Gasol Interceptor EP - released March 2020.

Digital album art for Gasol Cardinals - Vatican II single - released  June 2019

Summer Branding

Instagram video introducing Teens @ TMA summer art workshops for teenagers. Offered in 2019 while summer camp was on hiatus to accommodate construction of the Alice Chaiten Center for Art Education.

Instagram video introducing Little Tykes @ TMA summer art classes for toddlers. Offered in 2019 while summer camp was on hiatus to accommodate construction of the Alice Chaiten Center for Art Education.

HAM 2016

Quarter-page flyer for Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisan Market 2016. 

Treasure House

Postcard, type, and branding for Treasure House Estate Sale 2019.

Aristotle Poetics

Bootleg Aristotle. Poetics. Created in Summer 2014 from the Project Gutenberg Press free copyright free text. 
Typesetting, pagination, and cover design. Annotations my own.

RR + Co

Catalogue Zine for RR + CO., curated by Zachary Witter. Featuring works by Robert Rauschenberg and his gallery assistants, collaborators, and fabricators -  the vital energies behind his work. At HAUSQ Gallery, Tucson Arizona, in February 2019.

Thirty Americans InvitiationExhibit

Exhibition invitation for 30 Americans from the Rubell Family Collection. 
Artwork by Kehinde Wiley. Designed August 2018.

Editors Needed Poster

Poster soliciting editorial staff for Normal School Review. April 2016.

Internet Issue Release

Poster for the Normal School Review Internet Issue release.
Designed winter 2015.